Coaching For Sense | Who am I ?
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Who am I ?

Coaching for Sense is a unipersonal company created by Jean-Pierre MAS.

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Jean-Pierre Mas

Once my BSc Civil Engineer graduation obtained, I rapidly joined the SUEZ Group to dedicate myself to the planning and design (8 years) and then the management (25 years) of potable water systems supplying various capital cities in Africa, Latin America and Oceania. I have in particular headed various SUEZ subsidiaries in South Africa (14 years) among which Johannesburg Water, a 2700 staff utility serving more than 3.5 million inhabitants.

Besides my taste for complex projects and systems, I deeply enjoyed as a manager and then executive, the human aspects of team and organisation management. I dedicated myself to provide a sense to my teams’ commitment through the co-construction of a shared vision and accompany them in the development of their talents and potentials.

At the end of this fruitful career path, I decided early 2016 to dedicate myself more exclusively and deeply to the human stakes involved in the transformation of organisations. Thus, I complemented my executive management experience with a certified training of business coaching for persons, teams and organisations, dispensed by Ecole de Coaching de Paris.

I have also been trained in Transactional Analysis (AT-101 certification) and Berne’s Theory of Organisations. In 2018, I have been trained in Systemic Approach and Mediation.

Besides my French mother tongue, I am fluent in English and Spanish. I conduct regular coaching sessions in English.


My reference framework is the deontology code issued by the Société Française de Coaching detailing in particular my commitment in terms of confidentiality, supervision, respect of persons and means obligation.


I am in contact with partners that I can call upon if required, in particular in the case of team coaching.