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Organisation coaching

Organisation coaching


Why an organisation coaching?

Organisations have to face changes of external environment at an accelerating pace as well as changing expectations from their staff. In order to prepare the necessary transformations resulting from these changes and therefore mastering them instead of being subjected to them, the chief executive needs to both conduct a situational assessment of his/her organisation and identify the required transformations. In this instance the coaching mission would consist of  guiding and supporting the chief executive in:

  • The process of his/her evaluation and assessment of the strengths as well as the inadequacies and weaknesses of the organisation. This process might also include the  executive team if felt pertinent by him/her;
  • The identification and implementation of the required transformations in terms of vision, strategic orientations, organisational structure and corporate culture.

This is therefore a close co-construction process between the organisation’s chief executive and his/her coach. The assessment will be in particular based on the methodology developed in the Eric Berne’s Theory of Organisations. The required transformations identification will be inspired by the systemic approach.

For which challenges and projects?

  • Improvement of the organisation’s global performance and its strategic positioning in relation to its external environment;
  • Change of strategic orientation or shared vision;
  • Absence of strategic alignment in the organisation, lack of staff adherence and low level of energy and reaction in the organisation;
  • Change of cheif executive or shareholding;
  • Merger-acquisition or take over.