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Coaching for Sense individual coaching
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One-to-one coaching

One-to-one coaching of executives and managers

Why an individual coaching?

Through one-to-one coaching, executives and managers have the opportunity to enjoy a listening, safe and confidential space. They are therefore able to take a step back, present the challenges they are facing and/or the important questions they are asking themselves, take the time to find the relevant answers and solutions, and identify the individual or collective actions to implement. The executives and managers will find their own solutions thanks to the tailor-made support of the coach, thus meeting the professional objectives fixed by themselves and/or identified by the organisation.

For which challenges and/or questions?

Executives and managers happen to be facing the following challenges and questions:

  • Taking a new position in the organisation (or in a new organisation)
  • Personal impact enhancing, inspiring one’s team and optimising strategic performance
  • Leadership development and adaptation in relation to the identity and development steps of one’s team
  • Accompanying the talents and potential development of team members
  • Finding or re-discovering the sense of professional commitment and leadership

To understand what?

The personalised support of the coach will in particular enable managers and executives to explore outside of their usual reference framework and perceive reality from another perspective, understanding their way of behaving as well as their work relations, and identifying the tension or deadlock issues.

For which results and benefits?

Through the tailor-made support of the coach, the executives and managers (re) discover the sense of their leadership and free their potential, adjust their behaviour and improve their inter-personal skills in relation with situations and interlocutors, and thus enhance their own performance as well their team performance.