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Coaching for Sense coaching of executive teams
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Coaching of executive teams

Coaching of executive teams

Why coaching of executive teams?

Executive teams (EXCOs, MANCOs…) have the responsibility to define and boost the strategic orientations of their organisations. The coaching of executive teams enables them to take a step back, question their own reference framework and its adequacy with a changing environment, identify new strategic orientations from a fresh approach and plan their implementation. The coach will intervene as a brainstorming stimulus, asking questions sometime unexpected but always relevant with the issues at stake; the coach will also facilitate the co-construction process of new strategic orientations.

As any team, the executive teams might also experience some lack of cohesion, energy deficits and/or inter-personal issues. The coaching support would thus also aim to build a cohesive team (team building) and improve the team performance.

For which challenges and projects?

  • Building a shared vision through a collective intelligence process
  • Working out strategic orientations through a process of shared representation among the team members
  • Aligning strategic orientations and major operational decisions with the shared vision of the team and the organisation
  • Improving the team spirit and the group cohesion
  • Increasing the cooperation dynamics